Wool Carpet Fiber

Wool is highly valued for its performance, and luxury. It is soft to the touch, and very dense, giving it a much more comfortable feel than other carpet fibers. Wool carpet has many more advantages. Wool will hide soil to a much greater effect than other synthetic fibers, mainly in part do to its solid state (other fibers are clear, and thus soil can be seen through it). In retrospect to nylon, and other carpet fibers that can melt, wool does not. Thus, making it the prime choice if cigarette or cigar burns are a problem. Wool is also quite durable, and easily dyed in many colors.

At one time, wool carpet actually held the market lead in carpet sales. However, this is not the case anymore due in part to its high price. It also has some more disadvantages. To name a few, it tends to fade in sunlight, its stain resistance (or lack there of), low-resistance to chemicals (making stain removal an even more grueling task), and its tendency to attract moths, beetles, and other types of bugs. Therefore, wool is an excellent choice for its luxury status, however, it must be up kept, and maintained properly.

Softest most luxurious carpet
Hides soil better than other synthetic fibers.
Does not melt or catch fire.

Highest priced carpet
No stain resistance
Attracts moths/bugs and mildew.

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