Velvet Carpet

Velvet carpet is a rich and dense carpet that is a beautiful and formal addition to an elegant home. It is simply constructed with tightly twisted tufts. The density of the pile for velvet carpet should be thick, creating a luxurious appearance and softness.

The velvet carpets that wear best over time are low to medium pile height carpets. Higher piles are more difficult to maintain and may be more likely to be crushed from foot traffic. The pitch of the carpet should be 162, 189, or 216. This will produce the characteristic luxuriant qualities people look for in velvet carpet.

Think of the shading produced by a beautiful velvet dress. This same shading is seen in a velvet carpet. This is what makes it so desirable for many people to get the aesthetically pleasing richness and texture that marks it as a high quality carpet. However, this also means that it is likely to show foot traffic and vacuum marks.

While velvet carpet offers a rich and dramatic appearance for formal areas of your home, you must watch for the down side of such carpet. Some velvet carpet takes on odd shading and an undesirable direction of the pile after it is installed. It can create places on the rug that look crushed and cannot be 'fluffed up'. This is called 'watermarking' or 'pooling'. It is not the fault of the manufacturer, but is an uncommon characteristic of the installed carpet that may not show up for several months. To protect yourself from this problem, make sure that you fully understand the manufacturer's warranty before purchasing your carpet. As with any carpet, make sure that you fully understand the quality ranking and warranty information so that you are not subjected to any unpleasant surprises.

Velvet carpet is a great choice for anyone looking to add a sumptuous and elegant look to a room. It has been known as a high quality carpet for many years and will remain a favorite for years to come.

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