Textured Saxony Carpet

Saxony is a plush carpet that is rich and luxurious. Saxony carpet has gained a reputation for extremely high quality, an elegant appearance, and superior comfort underfoot. This reputation has gained momentum over the years. The tight twisting of each bundle of fibers coupled with the rich density and quality construction results in a formal and beautiful floor covering. The bulk and softness of the fibers make it a popular choice for formal rooms as well as for rooms where comfort underfoot is most desired, such as bedrooms. Saxony carpets provide elegance, like velvet carpet, but tend to stand up to traffic without crushing better. However, the smooth surface of a traditional Saxony carpet creates maintenance problems because it shows foot prints and other marks. Vacuuming takes on an entirely new skill set as you must recognize the impact the marks will have on the appearance of the carpet. It will leave tracks, similar to a freshly mowed lawn. If this bothers you, you may want to consider a textured Saxony carpet.

A textured Saxony is made of a curling yarn that twists so that when the ends are sheared, the tufts are not as uniform as a regular Saxony carpet. This creates a different look because it reflects light at slightly different angles, giving a textured appearance. This eliminates one of the biggest, and only, complaints about a Saxony carpet. It removes the problem of maintenance caused from the smooth surfaced Saxony carpets showing marks from foot traffic, furniture, and vacuums.

The affect of texture in a Saxony carpet can be enhanced with color. A tonal Saxony carpet has a random pattern of color that increases the appearance of the carpet texture. This highlights the texture of the carpet and goes a long way in hiding dirt and debris.

If you want the quality and comfort of a Saxony carpet without the hassle of the markings caused when the color of the pile changes from directional manipulation, a textured Saxony may be the answer for you. You can have the richness that allows a nice look, even with high pile heights and a broad range of color, without the common complaints of Saxony.

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