Saxony Carpet

Saxony is a term used in the carpeting industry to define both a style of carpet as well as the carpet from a particular manufacturer. The Saxony manufacturing process is generally thought to be superior and is equated with a high quality product. Therefore, the word has become synonymous with a carpet of higher quality although it may not be an actual carpet produced by Saxony.

When 'Saxony' is used as a general term to define a style of carpet, it refers to a cut loop pile. The carpet is woven in loops and then sheared to make an even surface. They are of a dense weave and a soft fiber, creating a plush and very soft carpet that is known for its comfort and softness underfoot. This luxuriant quality makes it highly desirable for many people. It exudes elegance and lavishness. They are generally sold in solid colors with a smooth surface.

One disadvantage of this style of carpet is that it shows marks of traffic and vacuums. If it is important to you to look across a room to see an even surface with no marks, this is not the carpet for you, unless you want to follow every person who walks through the room with a vacuum and follow the desired vacuum pattern to 'fluff up' the foot prints in your carpet!

Newer versions of this traditional carpet are made to be more stain resistant and resistant to wear and crushing. However, you should thoroughly observe the warranty and quality rating to make sure that you are getting a carpet manufactured to meet your desired specifications.

The Saxony Company is famous for broadloom carpets available in many styles. Their carpets are made of high quality materials and are known for their careful construction. If you want to purchase a Saxony carpet, be sure to check out your distributor thoroughly to make sure you are actually purchasing a carpet from the Saxony Company rather than a Saxony-type of carpet.

If you are looking for the 'Cadillac' of carpet, look for Saxony. It is a sumptuous carpet that lends an air of opulence to any room.

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