Polyester Recycled Carpet Fiber

Polyester/PET, or Polyethylene Terephthalate, carpet has bright colors and is available in many textures.

Also, it is more stain resistant than nylon carpet. However, nylon carpet is much stronger than polyester, which tends to shed more. Additionally, it is quite resistant to mildew, and moisture (at a cheaper cost than nylon). It is also non-allergenic. Another thing to point out about polyester is that some of it (if not all) is made from recycled bottle caps. Which may improve indoor air quality. About 50 soda bottle caps go into a square yard of carpet. Which is a great talking point. It is also quite cheap, cheaper than wool, and nylon. Then again, you have to remember, when purchasing the recycled version of this carpet, it is actually made of plastic. So, it would be a good idea to first test this in a single room, before going all out with this environmentally friendly carpet. You might notice a gleam when looking at it, or squeak when walking across it.

Recycled Carpet
Bright Colors/Many Textures
Cheap (cheaper than nylon/wool)

Attracts oily soil
Recycled version may squeak or gleam

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