Rebond Carpet Pad

One trip to your local carpet store and you will soon realize just how many carpet and padding options you have. Ranging in price form the very cheap to the very expensive, buying a suitable carpet pad can be more than a little confusing.

While you may be tempted to go with the absolute cheapest foam padding you can find, a better alternative may be purchasing rebond pad. More durable than cheap foam pads, rebond pad is the most commonly used carpet pad used in the floor covering industry.

Recycled from the high density foams often used in making furniture, rebond pad has typically been less expensive than other pad options. Until recently, that is. Cheaper in the past than other pad materials, rebond pad is becoming more and more expensive as China snatches up more and more of the recycled materials used to make it for their own industry use. This is causing the price of rebond to get higher than better quality padding in some cases, so be sure to double check the current price before deciding on this less durable alternative. Keep in mind, though, that the price of rebond pad fluctuates on a regular basis, so the price you are quoted today could be dramatically higher or lower next week or next month.

The biggest question to ask when the price skyrockets is, although rebond pad is good quality, why pay more for it than the best padding available on todayís market?

There are benefits to using rebond pad underneath you new carpeting. One is the availability of several thicknesses and densities. Coming in everything from 5 lb to 8 lb., rebond pad can be used with virtually any type of carpeting in almost any situation. Of course, more padding isnít always best, as industry leaders will tell you. While 5 lb. rebond pad is fine for low-traffic areas in your home and 6.5 lb. works well in high traffic areas and hallways, boosting your padding density to 8 pounds in the average home is not recommended due to its ability to warp and wrinkle the carpet. Carpeting found in office buildings and other highly used areas may, however, benefit form the higher density padding.

As you can see, choosing a new pad for your carpeting isnít always an easy task. But, it is a very important one. The right pad can help sustain the life of your carpet for years. Plus itíll make it feel much nicer.

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