Polypropylene Carpet Fiber

Polypropylene, (also called olefin) is the prime choice for commercial carpet, and outdoor carpet. Depending on the cut, it will wear very well, clean easily, and is suitable for high traffic areas. It is inherently stain resistant. In fact, its stain resistance is so high you can spill chlorine on it, or other harsh chemicals, and it will have little effect. Coupled with these two factors, it is also very cheap, cheaper than wool, nylon, and polyester. For these reasons, polypropylene continues to gain popularity. Due to its high resilience to sunlight, mildew, and moisture; polypropylene is an excellent choice for an outdoor carpet, and is actually used for artificial sports turf.

However, with all these benefits, comes disadvantages. Polypropylene is not exactly ‘crush resistant’ and can be prone to matting, crushing, and general scuffs. This also depends on the pile cut. It is also difficult to dye. Additionally, polypropylene attracts a lot of oily soil. Though this can be canceled out by the fact that strong chemicals may be used to clean it.

Lowest priced carpet
Best outdoor carpet
Inherently stain resistant

Susceptible matting, crushing, and scuffs.
Attracts oily soil (more so than any other carpet)
Does not dye well

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