Multi-Level Loop Carpet

Multi level loop pile is a carpet made from loops of yarn at different heights. Its construction is similar to level loop pile, but instead of creating a carpet with an even and smooth surface, this carpet creates a texture with different heights of the fibers. The textured appearance can be very attractive and therefore is causing this carpet to gain in popularity with consumers.

The variety of loop lengths creates an intense texture and aesthetically interesting appearance without the addition of flecks of color or other use of color in the carpet. A look of patterning can be created without actually using different color because of the texture and light diffraction on the carpet.

The problem with this type of carpet is that it has a propensity to collect dirt and debris within the fibers. This not only requires constant cleaning, but allows for more abrasive grit to rub against the carpet fibers, which causes wear and damage.

When choosing a multi-level loop carpet, the type of fiber chosen will impact your satisfaction with the carpet and its long term appearance. For example, wool is a durable and resilient carpet fiber with good resistance to soiling. However, many wool carpets stain easily and must be cared for properly to avoid stains. Nylon is strong against crushing and matting, but should be pre-treated to keep from becoming soiled or stained. Polypropylene fibers are great for moisture resistance and stand up well to soiling or staining; but they are likely to become misshapen in high traffic areas.

The density and construction of the carpet will also affect its performance. Check with the manufacturer for quality ratings and warranty information to make sure that you will not be disappointed in your purchase a few years down the road. Just because the carpet looks lush and beautiful in the carpet show room does not mean that it will hold up well to traffic and provide the look and feel you expect for years to come.

Multi level loop carpet is a good choice for people looking for a richly textured carpet with attractive patterning based on texture.

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