Frothed Foam Pad

If you are looking for the absolute best padding to complement the new carpets being installed throughout your home, you will want to look into the benefits of a frothed foam pad.

Consider the highest end pad available to consumers, frothed foam pad is super dense and thicker than most other padding options (7/16ths of an inch). Containing no off gassing, it is extremely environmental friendly and can be used underneath virtually nay type, style or texture rug.

Want to learn more about this impressive carpet padding? Great! Here are some facts to consider when debating between investing in frothed foam pad and some other type:

  • Frothed Foam Pad can make your carpet last longer -- much longer. Since it doesn’t break down like other padding does, it reduces furniture indentions and basic wear and tear from foot traffic.
  • Frothed Carpet Pad feels better. Constructed in a way that allows each micro cell to work like a tiny shock absorber, this ultra-heavy pad will not bottom out.
  • Frothed Carpet Pad us warmer. With an R rating as low as 1.35, it allows warm air to pass through the fibers of the padding, which will make your carpet feel warmer more quickly. Plus the heat stays longer in the fiber, keeping your feet toasty warm for hours.
  • Frothed Carpet Pad is environmentally friendly. Featuring no VOC’s, styrene, formaldehyde or 4-PC, this is the greenest pad on the market. It has even been given the “Green Label Plus” from the CRI 105 indoor air quality testing program, which means it only gives off 35ug/cubic meters of off gas. That’s 150% less than your carpet is off gassing right now!
  • Frothed Carpet Pad restricts bacteria growth. Have you ever wondered what nasty germs are hiding in your carpet? Put those fears behind you! Frothed Carpet Pad is treated to eliminate bacteria growth, which means those foods spills, drinks and pet urine won’t make it to your subfloor where it can grow and smell. Working as a moisture barrier too, it’ll keep those nasty spills from causing havoc with your rugs, floors and health.
  • The odds are that you spent a small fortune on those new carpets, so why not do everything you can to ensure that they look great and last for as long as possible? Only Frothed Foam Pad can ensure all of that!

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