Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpeting is great for high traffic areas. It is a cut pile rug with twisted, short fibers. It is highly resistant to crushing and matting because these fibers are not only highly twisted, but they are oriented in different directions. This means that they hide lint, dirt, traffic marks, and vacuum lines and maintain their original look and texture.

These carpets are very popular and are gaining on some of the carpets that used to dominate the industry. The appearance appeals to most people because the twisted fibers give it a comfortable and attractive appearance without sacrificing durability. While the construction limits designs of texture and color to simple designs, it can have some simple variations to help it to hide footprints, dirt, lint, and pet hair.

The carpeting is produced with knotted fibers sheared to the same length. The fibers are twisted to make them resilient and 'bouncy' to create a pleasant feel underfoot. The affect is somewhat of a 'shag' appearance.

As with other loop types, it comes in many types of fibers and levels of quality. When choosing your carpet, it is important to match your budget and needs to the quality of carpet you need. For example, a tighter twist in the carpet will give you a more durable carpet with a formal appearance. A looser twist will produce a casual appearance.

Fiber type will strongly affect the appearance, feel, and performance of your carpet. As with other styles, cheap synthetic fibers may not hold their shape in high traffic areas. They may also attract and retain dirt and stains more readily, making them more difficult to clean.

Most manufacturers will offer guidelines for the quality of each type of carpet. You can also look at the warranty to determine which one is best for you. For example, if you are shopping for a formal living room and you don't expect much traffic, you may be able to go with a less expensive carpet. However, if you are carpeting a hallway that will see wear from multiple teenage feet as well as the feet of their friends and the family dog, you may need to get a tightly twisted carpet with a good warranty.

Berber may want to watch its back because frieze is definitely gaining in popularity with homeowners!

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