Foam Pad

Choosing the right padding to go with your new carpet is more important than you may realize. Did you know that if you pick the wrong pad you could void your current warranty? So always be sure to check your manufacturer’s recommendations (and requirements) before ordering any padding to go with your new carpet.

With so many types of padding available these days, picking and choosing the right one can seem complicated – and expensive, and it sometimes is. But, if you stick with a general style like foam pad, you usually can’t go wrong.

Less expensive and fairly durable, foam pad is made from urethane foam. Offering both flexibility and affordability, it comes in lots of different densities and thicknesses, making it a good choice for the budget-conscience consumer.

Although it can be used underneath just about any grade, style or texture carpeting, it does offer one major drawback: it generally doesn’t hold up well in high traffic areas. Since a foam pad allows air to become trapped underneath the carpet, making it move, it tends to rub against the subfloor, breaking down over time. New styles are being introduced to consumers using more compressed cells to give the foam more durability under heavy use, but generally speaking this type of carpet padding is only recommended for lesser used areas of the home.

Still, foam pad remains a cheaper option for those unable to pay the high price of some other carpet padding. Whether you are looking at foam pad or some other variety, the important thing to remember when choosing an underlying carpet pad is whether or not it meets the manufacturer’s requirements to sustain your warranty; is suitable for the area in which it will be used; satisfies your comfort requirements and is affordable. Regardless of what your salesman tells you (after all, he’s trying to make the biggest sale – and commission – that he can), if you can find a foam pad to meet all of those requirements, than by all means buy it! Foam pads have been used successfully in millions of homes across the nation, so don’t be afraid of using this less expensive alterative.

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