Cut and Loop Carpet

Cut and loop carpet is admired because its construction produces nice texture and allows the manufacturer to produce a patterned design. This capability allows designers to produce some of the most popular carpets on the market today. The flexibility in producing texture and complimenting color allows manufacturers to follow decorating trends.

Patterning is created by making some loops higher than others. The result of this is that when the carpet is sheared, the higher lops are cut while the lower loops remain in place. This makes textured patterns in the carpet. This method of construction gives the carpet durability and stylish design. It is also easy for manufacturers to make patterns of color to compliment the texture of the carpet.

The choices of style are vast and choices in color vary greatly. Therefore, many people are drawn to cut and loop carpet since there are many choices for decorating. The combinations of color can provide the flare and accent colors that are so popular for many decorating purposes, as well as providing a surface that hides lint and other temporary debris that we all deal with in our homes. This also keeps the carpet from showing footprints or vacuum marks. Therefore, the carpet looks nice even when it hasn't been very recently vacuumed.

These types of carpets are usually inexpensive and so they are often popular with new home owners and others who want to stretch their dollar. The choice of fiber can greatly impact the performance, appearance, and life span of any style of carpeting. It is important to choose a fiber that is well suited for the purpose of your room. For example, stay away from synthetic carpets in a room like a kitchen because oily spills can bind to the carpet fibers and cause permanent damage. Another example is that a wool carpet that will stand up well under most circumstances should be avoided in a room where you are sure to have stains, such as under the table in a dining room.

By offering a wide range of color, color combinations, sculpturing, and patterns; cut and loop carpet can be manufactured to meet many styles and decors while remaining durable and easy to clean.

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