Carpet Tile

Carpet tile has been used in commercial settings for decades. The majority of carpet tile styles have a commercial look that is a shorter loop in a solid color or pattern that repeats with each tile. Businesses often pick carpet tile because they beleive it is more cost effective than broadloom over the long term. In recent years broadloom prices have consistantly outpaced the price of carpet tile. This has dramatically increased the popularity of carpet tile in a commercial setting.

Above - Carpet Tile in an office.
Broadloom Carpet was once all the rage. People loved the way it felt beneath their feet as they made their way from room to room. It was warm and it was cozy. Then it got dirty or damaged and people realized just how hard - and expensive - it was to maintain and repair. That left many people with small children (and big kids too), not to mention pets, shying away form the warm and comfort they desired in fear of the damage their family would eventually inflict on the carpet they so desperately loved.

The days of fearing spills are over. Carpet is back and those of us who love its thick fuzziness beneath our feet love it! Forget that cold ceramic tile and hardwood. There's a better solution: carpet tiles.

The odds are that you have seen them at your local home improvement store, but never really understood what they were, so you failed to give them a second glance. If that's the case, then you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to add spice to your flooring in an easy and inexpensive way.

About the size of a traditional 18 inch square, carpet tiles take the fear out of owning carpet. Since one tile can easily be replaced if damaged, they are an especially good option for children's playrooms, family areas and other high-traffic living areas that are prone to spills and other accidents.

Above - Example colors - Interface's "cubic".
While their durability is definitely a benefit when laying carpet tiles, that's not the only thing attracting people to this unique style of flooring. With literally hundreds of different colors, textures and styles also available, more and more homeowners are enjoying the flexibility that carpet tiles offer -- especially those with a more eclectic or artistic style. The ability to decorate a room in a unique and interesting way is another plus many consumers are looking for. With a variety of designs and colors to mix and match at will, many homeowners are using carpet tiles to set a mood by creating unique flooring deigns throughout their home.

Truly inspirational, carpet tiles allow homeowners the ability to create a one-of-a-kind design in virtually every room of their home. With today's variety of carpet tile, designs are not limited to a checker board pattern.

Carpet tile can also be used as a custom shaped runner or rug. Unlike regular broadloom, carpet tile does not have to be bound on the edges and any average joe can cut carpet tile and the edge will not fray.

Whether you are looking for flexibility; ease of replacement; durability or the ability to shake things up a bit and create your very own flooring style, carpet tiles are the answer.

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