Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is an attractive carpet with a tight weave of loops that gives it a distinctive texture. It is a popular choice because of its relatively low cost, tendency to hold its shape, and easy cleaning. It is easy to maintain carpets of this type because the structure of the carpet does not show marks from traffic or vacuums. Unlike other styles of carpet that look beautiful until someone walks across the room leaving an obvious trail, Berber maintains its shape and holds up under traffic.

Berbers are easy to clean. When vacuuming, you do not need to worry about keeping the lines in parallel because the vacuum does not leave a track in a Berber carpet. The weave keeps the carpet from attracting dirt and letting it sink into the pile. Therefore, you should not have to vacuum or steam clean as often as you would with a plush pile. You still need to clean regularly to preserve the carpet, especially if your Berber is made of synthetic fibers, but you will not have as much trouble with debris collecting in the depths of the carpet.

Berber carpets are available in many types of carpet fibers which strongly affect their performance and characteristics. Better Berbers are comprised of wool or nylon. They have a better flammability rating and lower flashpoint, making them safer in the event of exposure to heat or fire. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, olefin, or combinations are less expensive, but they attract grime quicker than better fibers, which affects their color, shape, and overall performance. Also, oily spills can actually bind with the carpet fibers to the point that they cannot be removed through any cleaning method. Synthetic carpets are more likely to become matted. The down side of any Berber carpet is that they fray and stain and color choices may be limited.

When choosing your Berber carpet, you can choose between many different styles and colors as well as fiber types. If you are looking for a long term addition to your home, you should think twice before choosing a cheaper carpet and think about purchasing a Berber made of wool or nylon with a style and color that suits your taste and your décor.

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