Beaulieu Carpet

Beaulieu has some of the best carpets around, and they should since they are the third largest carpet producing company around the world today. Beaulieu works on both residential and commercial types of carpets, but they are mostly responsible for making carpet for the home and making sure that their customers receive a quality product. Under Beaulieu, of course, there are few different brands. Coronet and Hollytex are the other two brands that they have created.

Among all of the different kinds of carpet that Beaulieu produces, one of the best that they have on their line is their fabulous selection of berber style carpets. They have over many different styles of Berber carpet put together so that it creates an extraordinary piece in the home. Boxweave, Braid, Brookfield, Grand Illusions, and Montana Mom are all included in the types of berber style carpets that they have, and many of Beaulieu's customers enjoy this type of carpet out of all the others.

Beaulieu is not only a carpet superpower within the United States. They also are the largest carpet producer in Canada and have also acquired some companies within Australia as well. As Beaulieu continues to dazzle their customer base all across the globe, we definitely will be seeing a lot more of Beaulieu and their brands through people's choices and homes!

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